RudderStack Releases Support for Website Recording Platforms: FullStory and Hotjar

We are pleased to announce RudderStack’s successful integration with FullStory and Hotjar. FullStory and Hotjar offer rich website recording, behavioral analytics, and digital experience capabilities. You can easily integrate RudderStack with these platforms using our native web SDKs. Once integrated, you can use our SDK to send customer event data directly to FullStory. Hotjar automatically

Redshift vs Snowflake vs BigQuery: Choosing a Warehouse

In our previous blog post, we described our experience setting up an Open-Source Analytics Stack using RudderStack, Apache SuperSet, and Redshift. When it comes to choosing a data warehouse for the open-source analytics stack, it is very common to pit data warehouses against each other. Redshift vs BigQuery, Redshift vs Snowflake, etc. are some common

5 Best Practices for Tracking In-app Event Data

This is the era of mobile apps. We get everything – from critical business information to entertaining videos and games – on our mobile devices. Information is right at our fingertips, and we are always striving to catch up with the outside world. As per App Annie, an average smartphone user has 80 apps installed.

RudderStack Releases Support for A/B Testing Platform: VWO (Beta)

We are pleased to announce RudderStack’s successful integration with VWO, an industry-leader in A/B testing, and improving digital customer experience. This is currently a beta release of the integration, as we plan on testing it more thoroughly and make it production-ready in all scenarios. We have built the integration with VWO to support our native

RudderStack: An Open-Source Alternative to Segment

How to Setup RudderStack RudderStack can easily be set up in a dockerized environment. We also support Terraform for AWS EC2 while support for Azure and GCP is coming soon. Terraform setup will be covered in a separate post Pre-Req Install the latest docker (v19+) and docker-compose (v1.24+) Steps Clone “docker-compose up” to bring

Clickstream Analytics: A Gamechanger for eCommerce

Today, websites and mobile applications have become the digital storefronts of every eCommerce company. This move to the digital platform has lowered the entry point to establish a retail business. It has also made time and distance irrelevant in the pursuit of customer acquisition and sales. However, the loss of the in-person interaction has also

It is Time to Take Back Control of Your Data

The explosion of SaaS tools in sales and marketing departments has led to the flow of customer data into numerous third-party organizations. Although this data flow is sometimes necessary, customers are often in the dark about how the data is being collected and used. Also, these third-party tools tend to collect more data than necessary

RudderStack Releases Support for Content Analytics Platform: Chartbeat

RudderStack is proud to announce that it supports Chartbeat. Chartbeat is the leading content measurement, analytics, and optimization platform for businesses. With this integration, you can send events directly to Chartbeat via our native web SDKs using the RudderStack APIs. We encourage you to try out this integration and contact us if you have any