Collect, Store, and Analyze Your Event Data with Lightning-fast Speed Using RudderStack and Google BigQuery

RudderStack supports sending your event data from a variety of sources to Google BigQuery. Once you add BigQuery as a destination in RudderStack, all your event data is stored into BigQuery buckets periodically. With RudderStack, you don’t have to worry about defining a warehouse schema either – it will take care of everything.

By adding RudderStack as a source to BigQuery, you can:

  • Directly send your event data from a variety of sources
  • Load data into BigQuery without having to define a warehouse schema
  • Get the data already transformed and ready for analytics
  • Focus solely getting relevant business insights out of your data

Google BigQuery

BigQuery is a highly scalable and robust data warehouse offering by Google. Its serverless architecture is aligned to the modern data application requirements and allows you to make quick, data-driven decisions through its state-of-the-art analytics capabilities. As a modern data warehouse solution, BigQuery is built to handle large data workloads with ease. It is a highly cost-effective solution, giving you all the resources you need to transform your data into valuable business insights at a reasonable price.

Some of the key features of BigQuery are:

  • Easy to set up and manage, saving you precious time and effort
  • Built-in machine learning, predictive analytics, and rich data visualization capabilities
  • Ability to query streaming data in real-time
  • Security, reliability and high availability with effective collaboration and sharing of insights
  • Freeloading and exporting of data, with reasonable charges for data storage, streaming and querying
Use our step-by-step guide to set up BigQuery as a destination in RudderStack.

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