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Iterable Integration

Iterable is a digital marketing platform that allows you to maximize your customers LTV by creating better customer experience. Built for high speed and scalability, Iterable supports email, web push, SMS, social, and in-app notifications to engage with your customers effectively. Iterable helps your customers’ preferences, likes and dislikes and gives them tailor-made content recommendations and advertisements.
If building meaningful relationships with your customers is your goal, then Iterable is the perfect tool for you!

What You Can Do with Iterable

  • Send personalized cross-platform notifications and recommendations to your customers
  • Engage in relevant, timely conversations with your customers and build long-lasting relationships with them
  • Leverage the latest Data Science features to create personalized recommendations, based on your customers’ preferences
  • Analyze the performance of your campaigns with real time insights
  • Turn your innovative campaign ideas into effective marketing strategies with a best-in-class customer success team

In order to set up Iterable manually, you first need to stream all your customer event data into Iterable first, which is quite a time-consuming task. In addition, you need to install code hooks into your website or mobile app or send the data directly to the Iterable API. For this, you will need to learn and understand how the Iterable API works, which is quite a task.

RudderStack allows you to skip this manual configuration by integrating seamlessly with Iterable, and send your event data to Iterable in real time.

Send Event Data to Iterable in Real Time Using RudderStack

RudderStack allows you to configure Iterable as a destination from its dashboard, and send your event data to it directly, without the need for any custom coding or configuration. Once the destination is enabled, events from your sources will start flowing to Iterable through RudderStack. In addition, you can also configure RudderStack to track only those pages that have a category or a name. You can also track specific eCommerce events and send the information to Iterable.

By Adding Iterable Support for RudderStack, You Can:

  • Track all your marketing information from a variety of sources
  • Send events to Iterable in real time without any manual configuration
  • Track pages by name or category, or map all pages to the same event name
  • Get marketing information from eCommerce events like Product Added or Removed, and Order Completed

With Iterable, you can track custom metrics and generate personalized, real time reports to share with your marketing team


So How Do You Integrate Iterable with RudderStack?

It’s very easy! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Iterable as a destination in RudderStack, and get started in no time at all.


What is Iterable?
Iterable is a cross-channel growth marketing platform. It allows you to better understand your audiences, and build customized marketing campaigns to improve their lifetime value (LTV). Built for speed and scalability, Iterable offers features such as email, SMS, web and in-app push notifications to improve your customer engagement and experience. You can segment your audiences based on similar behavioral traits, and customize each message or campaign to cater to their specific needs.Iterable leverages the cutting-edge data science features to ensure optimum messaging frequency and send-time optimization.
What is growth marketing?
Growth marketing, also called growth hacking, is a technique of designing and conducting specific experiments aimed towards optimizing or improving a certain aspect of your product or marketing campaign. The purpose of growth marketing is to improve your product visibility, enhance customer experience, increase customer retention and lead conversion rates, and ultimately boost your business ROI.
How does Iterable empower growth marketing?
Iterable allows growth marketing teams to create effective, engaging marketing campaigns aimed towards increasing customer engagement and retention throughout their lifecycle, across various channels. With various growth marketing strategies, you can segment users, build test workflows, automate campaigns and test various product features and strategies without requiring any engineering support.

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