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Turn your data warehouse into a customer data platform and deliver the right data to every part of your marketing and analytics stack.

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Every month we process 25 billion events for over 100 companies who send their data to 50+ destinations

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Turn your Data Warehouse into an Open Customer Data Platform

The RudderStack Difference

Built For

RudderStack is built by developers, for developers. Our features are API-first with the goal of integrating into your existing pipeline and QA management processes. Our mission, along with the open source community around us, is to build the tools that make running your customer data stack as seamless as possible.


Stop worrying about your bill when volume peaks. Both our infrastructure and pricing model are designed to handle extremely high volume of events typical of popular consumer apps. Flat-fee pricing up to 300 million events per month and high-availability, multi-node architecture mean you can hit peak volume without having to worry about latency or your monthly bill.

Complete Control

No more data silos. RudderStack works with your existing tools and turns your data warehouse into a customer data platform. Collect customer event data and structured cloud platforms, then join it with your internal data sources to create unified customer profiles and data sets for product, marketing, analytics, and more.

Take control of your customer data

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RudderStack is open-source! Check us out on GitHub.