Data Infrastructure

Complex plumbing, innumerable integrations and myriad of privacy regulations have made customer data management incredibly painful. RudderStack is an enterprise-grade customer data infrastructure for routing and processing event data from your apps and website to your data warehouse and cloud apps.

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Core Features

Multiple Sources & Destinations

Integrate once and route data from multiple sources to multiple destinations saving precious engineering effort.

Privacy Conscious

Given stricter compliance requirements such as GDPR, CCPA it has become vitally important to fine grained control the flow of customer data.

Extreme scale

Given our prior experiences, we have built the platform for large enterprises. We understand the complexity and scale requirements of the most challenging environments.

Data Quality

The correctness of data mapping and data flows is essential to gather insights from it. We have taken extra care to test the integrations so that you dont have to. Our pre-processing layer allows you to do data validation.

Data Governance

Beyond privacy, data governance and audit is critical for large scale enterprises. We support various levers and deployment models to achieve the desired data ownership.


Processing your data pipelines enables realtime insights across your business functions. Built on cloud native architecture, we provide real time infrastructure to support your business.


We provide the ability to manipulate your data to do transformations required for business logic. Moreover, you can also filter data to manage costs for certain destinations.


With Rudder, you can replay the previous data to a different tool thereby enabling you to evaluate the plethora of SaaS tools available today, without losing the history of data insights.

Built for Developers

Developer experience is fundamental to what we do at Rudder. Our platform is built by developers for developers, marketers and product managers.
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