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The smart customer data pipeline

Easily build customer data pipelines that connect your whole stack, then make them smarter by ingesting and activating enriched data from your warehouse.
  Event Streaming
  Data Warehouse Sync
We’re open source!
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We process 250 billion events for over 100 companies who send their data to 70+ destinations every month
Event Stream
Works like Segment and Snowplow Analytics

Simplify event data streaming and integrations work

You don’t need to instrument with a different SDK for each tool your marketing, sales, and data science teams use. This complexity slows down your sites and apps and creates maintenance work for engineers. 
Instrument once with RudderStack’s SDKs to capture event data, then send it to your entire customer data stack with our 70+ destinations and warehouse integrations and keep every team happy.
Warehouse Actions
Works like Heroku Connect and Segment SQL Traits

Send rich analysis from your warehouse to your entire stack

The most valuable analysis is done in your data warehouse. With Warehouse Actions , you can pull enriched audience and event data back through RudderStack and send it to all of your customer tools, enabling lead scoring, personalization, and other advanced use cases.
Cloud Extract
Works like Fivetran, Stitch Data, and Informatica

Go beyond event streaming. Build powerful cloud-to-warehouse pipelines easily.

Our out-of-the-box integrations with popular cloud sources, like Salesforce,, and Google AdWords enable you to easily set up near-real-time ELT pipelines to your data warehouse.
When combined with our event SDKs, RudderStack provides identity stitching across cloud sources and your event stream, meaning less analytics work for other teams.
Get up and running

70+ out of the box integrations

Connect your customer data to all the tools your team uses to drive growth. Spend less time on vendor SDK implementations and third-party code management.
Why RudderStack

A transparent approach to the customer data pipeline

Warehouse first
RudderStack doesn’t persist any of your customer data. It’s warehouse-first approach automatically builds your customer data lake on your existing data warehouse, for a more cost-effective, secure, and flexible solution than CDPs.
We’re open source
We believe that companies should not be vendor-locked into proprietary software and held hostage to predatory pricing. That’s why RudderStack is open source. Openness is not only good for society but also requires us to keep innovating.
Check us out on GitHub
Privacy & Security is a principle
RudderStack’s core architecture was constructed specifically with data privacy and security in mind. You can collect and store your customer data without sending everything to a third-party vendor. With RudderStack, you get fine-grained control over what data to forward to which analytical tool.
Our previous vendor’s model kept our data in their playing field, and the pricing limited what we could to track. We wanted to own our data in our warehouse and RudderStack simplified our customer data pipeline setup and security. Alex Dovenmuehle

Head of Data Engineering, Mattermost

Learn how Mattermost uses RudderStack for comprehensive user event collection and routing, which drives powerful reporting through Snowflake and Looker.

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