Our Mission is to help businesses make the most out of their Customer Data while ensuring Data Privacy and Security

Our vision

We want to help engineers, product managers, data scientists, marketers and companies at large to make use of their customer data using the best of open-source technologies.The explosion of SaaS services has brought a lot of advantages, but has created a deep coupling of software and data unnecessarily. We want to decouple them so that you can enjoy the same advantages of a SaaS service without compromising privacy and security of your customers as well as flexibility and customizability for yourself.

Our Team

We specialize in large scale data problems at enterprises in United States and beyond. We are a team of data, security and marketing experts, who are backed by some of the best investors in Silicon Valley. We are on a mission to solve the customer data management problem in enterprises, once and for all, in a secure, compliant and cost effective way.
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