Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in Your Apps using RudderStack

Introduction Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is the information that may be used to identify and track an individual. GDPR mandates software companies to encrypt any PII and ensure that they protect the users’ identity from any misuse. As a result, In a post-GDPR world, all organizations need to detect and mask/obfuscate/delete PII data flowing through

Churn Prediction using BigQueryML

There are a lot of blogs out there on building churn prediction models using scikit-learn, R, or other advanced ML toolkits. However, most of them require strong engineering as well as data science skills. That said, it is now possible to create robust models using SQL and basic knowledge of data science by leveraging the

Using SQLite on Unity for Android and iOS

While going through the RudderStack SDK roadmap, we decided to include Unity next in the list of the supported platforms. Why Unity? We found that despite heavily relying on data, the hosted customer data management solutions out there underserve the gaming industry. This dependency on data is the result of a number of factors. Games

Building a Customer Data Platform on Your Data Warehouse

Why a Customer Data Platform? The promise of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) is to unify all the customer data into one platform. They promise to enable interesting use cases, from typical reporting to advanced user activation scenarios, such as driving personalized UI experiences and giving out offers based on customer’s behavior. Most of the CDP

RudderStack Supports Data Warehouses: Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake

We are happy to announce that RudderStack now supports the delivery of event data to the most advanced and popular data warehouses. This is an important release towards RudderStack’s vision of providing a secure, scalable, and consistent cloud event data pipeline. The cloud version of RudderStack can now route your event data securely and consistently

RudderStack Releases Support for Salesforce Integration

RudderStack is happy to announce that we now support Salesforce as an integration. We are releasing Salesforce for the managed version of RudderStack. We are also including it in the open-source version of our stack that can be found on our GitHub Repo. RudderStack encourages you to clone the Git repository and use the integration.

Redshift vs Snowflake vs BigQuery: Choosing a Warehouse

In our previous blog post, we described our experience setting up an Open-Source Analytics Stack using RudderStack, Apache SuperSet, and Redshift. When it comes to choosing a data warehouse for the open-source analytics stack, it is very common to pit data warehouses against each other. Redshift vs BigQuery, Redshift vs Snowflake, etc. are some common