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Announcing the RudderStack Video Library

Eric Dodds
Growth at RudderStack

Today we’re launching our RudderStack Video Library, a collection of informative videos that help developers understand our product’s features and usage. We’re starting small, but the library will proliferate with all kinds of helpful content. Check out the first few webinars we have listed here.

Our upcoming content will include walk-throughs of features, like transformations, and detailed guides for advanced use cases like lead scoring and identity resolution.

Stay Tuned for Multiple New Videos Every Month

Every month, we will publish new content to the RudderStack Video Library.

There will be a few types of content:

  • Webinars with Live Q&A - initially, we will publish content as webinars with live Q&A, giving our users and those interested a chance to ask questions and give our team feedback.
  • On-demand Overviews, Guides, and Walk-throughs - from feature overviews to use-case walk-throughs, all of our content will be available on-demand as part of the library after the live Q&A.

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About the author
Eric Dodds
Eric leads growth at RudderStack and has a long history of helping companies architect customer data stacks to use their data to grow.

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