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RudderStack Product News Vol. #011 - Visual Data Mapping & Webhook Source

Eric Dodds
Growth at RudderStack

In this update, we cover two major feature releases related to sources and cover several new integrations.

Visual Data Mapping in Warehouse Actions (reverse-ETL)

We launched our reverse-ETL pipeline with a highly customizable, JSON-based configuration flow. Our customers love the flexibility because it helps them solve more complex data needs in their destinations.

There are many use cases, though, where configurable JSON is overkill. Specifically, when mapping columns to custom fields in a CRM or email tool, a UI can help developers deliver data faster.

With lots of customer feedback, we've released the first version of our Visual Data Mapper for Warehouse Actions, which allows you to map warehouse columns to fields in a select number of destinations. Currently, we support mapping for HubSpot, Salesforce, MailChimp, and Braze.

This feature is in production, so you can log in to try it out. Note that you need to create a new Warehouse Source and connect a supported destination.

Visual Data Mapper for Warehouse Actions

Webhook Source

We have a large and growing library of sources, but customers often have the need to connect custom sources, oftentimes for internal data, but also when they need an integration that we haven't built yet.

This past week, we released our Webhook Source, which allows you to add any source that supports a webhook and use it to send events to any of your destinations.

There are many use cases, but several of our customers send email activity (opens, clicks, etc.) from their ESPs, or send internal transactional events from their own infrastructure.

Learn more in the docs.

Webhook source

Integrations - Qualtrics and Drip

Qualtrics destination

Qualtrics is a popular survey software that lets you create intelligent, real-time user surveys. You can now send data from RudderStack directly to Qualtrics as a website feedback destination. Learn more in the docs.

Drip destination

Drip is a popular email and SMS marketing platform that lets you drive your business revenue through effective automation. You can now send all of your RudderStack data directly to Drip. Learn more in the docs.

Adobe Analytics mobile device mode support

We now support device mode for mobile sources in the Adobe Analytics destination. This means you can send events directly to Adobe Analytics via the RudderStack iOS and Android SDKs. Learn more in the docs.

Other happenings at RudderStack

From the archives: last year we wrote a post about why cloud SaaS tools used by downstream teams create data silos (and how the warehouse is a solution). It seems like common sense, but we re-read the article this week and it's a great reminder of how culture impacts stack architecture. Give it a read.

On the latest episode of The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas from our team talk with Ben Rogojan, a data engineer at Facebook and prolific content producer (under the moniker, Seattle Data Guy). Learn about data teams at Facebook and why MLops is the "final piece" of the data stack.

About the author
Eric Dodds
Eric leads growth at RudderStack and has a long history of helping companies architect customer data stacks to use their data to grow.

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