RudderStack is proud to announce two new additions to the Source Integrations catalog – Looker and Auth0. Sources are a specified set of tools or platforms through which event data can be easily ingested into RudderStack and then can be routed to your preferred destination for further analytics. 

Now you can send events captured by Looker and Auth0 directly to RudderStack. You can then forward these events to your desired destinations for useful insights.

We encourage you to try these integrations and contact us in case you have any questions, feedback, or issues to report. You can also start a conversation on these integrations on our Slack channel. We would love to talk to you!

Why did we add Looker and Auth0 as Sources?

RudderStack promises seamless, reliable delivery of events from the specified sources to your preferred destinations. 

Looker is a popular BI and data analytics platform that provides businesses with obtaining deeper insights from their customer data. It helps you get a unified, 360-view of all your customer events in real-time and how they interact with your website and your product. By enabling RudderStack Actions on Looker, you can easily send query results to RudderStack. This will help you to enrich existing user profiles and create a unified view of the customer in one place. 

Auth0 provides secure solutions to add authentication and authorization functionalities to your applications. It also allows you to define the identity providers that would be used for your customers to log in. With a simple webhook extension, you can send events to RudderStack whenever Auth0 generates an authentication log. You can easily capture various events and real-time logs and send them to RudderStack.

What’s Next?

At RudderStack, we are committed to help you make the most of your customer event data through our integrations. Even when your event data flows through RudderStack, we do not persist any data and securely route them to your desired destinations. 

Looker and Auth0 are few of our initial source integrations. That said, we will continue building cutting-edge integrations as sources to help you make the most of your data and build customer relations better! For more information, browse through our documentation.

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