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Amplitude Integration

Amplitude is a comprehensive product and behavioral analytics platform for the web as well as mobile platforms. It provides useful and relevant insights that help you improve the overall product experience and increase your conversion and customer retention rate. You can also use Amplitude to boost your targeted online campaigns and thereby the overall ROI.

What You Can Do with Amplitude:

  • Perform cross-platform analytics to better understand user behavior across multiple platforms
  • Get a 360-degree view of your customers through real time behavioral analysis
  • Better understand the event data to see how your users engage with your product
  • Get intuitive and real-time reports on critical business metrics such as conversion, retention rate, etc.
  • Invaluable marketing insights help you identify the features that drive customer retention

In order to set up Amplitude on your product independently, you first need to map your events and the associated traits for collection. In addition, you need to install the necessary libraries and SDKs used to collect the data into your product. This can prove to be quite a time-consuming and tedious process – taking your focus away from the need to get crucial business insights from the event data.

With RudderStack, you can overcome this problem by simply adding Amplitude as a destination.

Simplify Behavioural Analytics with Amplitude and RudderStack

The Amplitude integration with RudderStack is very seamless. You can use RudderStack to send your event data to Amplitude for real-time, cross-platform analytics without any custom configuration or coding. Through RudderStack’s SDKs, the event data you send to Amplitude can be used for better understanding your customers, and using the insights to drive your product strategy efficiently.

By Integrating RudderStack with Amplitude, You Can:

  • Identify unique users as well as capture traits specific to them, and send it across to Amplitude securely
  • Track and collect event data from the devices across the web and mobile platforms in real-time
  • Record information about the visited web pages, user activities, etc. for better behavioral analysis

Amplitude’s state of the art dashboards and reports give you a 360-degree view of your customers and their activities


So How Do You Integrate Amplitude with RudderStack?

Use our step-by-step guide to set up Amplitude as a destination in RudderStack to get started in no time at all.


What is Amplitude?

Amplitude is a popular product analytics platform that helps you better understand user behavior, and tweak the right product features to obtain better business outcomes. Amplitude makes it easier for businesses to improve their customer relations and drive business growth.

What are the benefits of using Amplitude?

With Amplitude, you can leverage the latest trends in Data Science and Business Intelligence to better understand your customers and develop product features that resonate with them. Ultimately, Amplitude helps you increase customer engagement and retention and drive your business revenue.

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