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Branch Integration

Branch is a popular cross-platform marketing tool used by many businesses for their mobile attribution, measurement, and deep linking requirements. Top-ranking apps use Branch for increasing their efficiency and boost overall revenue.
Branch’s cutting-edge solutions are designed to help you expand your audience, at the same time ensuring optimum engagement and user satisfaction. It is very easy to integrate Branch with other tools in your marketing stack, so you can capture every customer touchpoint across any channel or platform of your choice.
With Branch, you don’t have to worry about the performance of your email and ad campaigns.

What You Can Do with Branch

  • Best-in-class deep linking and mobile attribution system helps you ensure maximum ROI
  • Seamlessly integrate with the leading analytics, email, and social media platforms
  • Send relevant, contextual in-app content to your users and monitor its accuracy
  • Get relevant insights highlighting your customers’ app journey, and use it to optimize your campaigns
  • Measure the effectiveness and performance of your app across various platforms

To set up Branch manually, you need to install and configure Branch’s mobile SDKs for your apps on all the required platforms, be it Android or iOS. There is also some custom coding involved to get Branch up and running; implementing its deep linking feature requires you to learn the Branch SDK methods. This can prove to be quite a time-consuming process.

RudderStack helps you overcome this problem with ease. By adding Branch as a destination in RudderStack, you can implement deep linking and mobile attribution across your apps in no time at all.

Use RudderStack to Send Your Event Data to Branch Seamlessly

RudderStack supports sending your customer event data to Branch, both through our servers as well as directly from your devices. Branch’s native SDK is wrapped inside RudderStack’s SDKs for mobile devices, so you don’t have to worry about installing any custom code or adding any webhooks. Enable Branch as a destination in RudderStack and add a simple configuration to start sending your data directly from your devices.

By Integrating Branch Data for RudderStack, You Can:

  • Automatically transform your event data and send it to Branch in the required format
  • Map specific events and their properties to the associated Branch events
  • Track your users’ clicks, installs, purchases, and other activities
  • Classify your tracked events into relevant categories in Branch
  • Identify your users in RudderStack along with their traits, and trace their activities across various platforms

Branch gives you a consolidated view of all your app installs and clicks


So How Do You Integrate Branch with RudderStack?

It’s very easy! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Branch as a destination in RudderStack, and get started in no time at all.


What is Branch?
Branch is an industry-leader in mobile measurement, mobile attribution and deep linking. Most top-performing apps on the App Store and Play Store make use of Branch to improve their efficiency and boost their revenue. With Branch, you can get a complete picture of your customers’ journey by tracking and capturing every customer touchpoint across channels, devices and platforms.
What mechanisms does Branch use?
Branch uses several mechanisms to pass the data through to the app, and attribute app sessions back to the source. These mechanisms include direct deep linking, device ID token matching, deferred deep linking, and cookie passthroughs for Safari and Android Chrome.
What are Branch Metrics?
Branch Metrics, also called offers cutting-edge mobile attribution, measurement, and deep linking solutions to improve your overall app performance. Some of the metrics captured by Branch include total app installs, clicks, and tracking the overall customer journey.
What does deep linking mean?
Deep linking involves the use of a hyperlink for a specific indexed and searchable piece of content on a website, rather than the website’s home page. The URL thus contains all the necessary information needed to point to that particular item, piece of content, or information.

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