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Track and Record User Sessions Seamlessly Using RudderStack and FullStory


RudderStack allows you to send your customer event data to FullStory from its native web SDKs securely to help you understand your customers better. Once enabled as a destination in RudderStack, you can view all of the user session data in FullStory in real-time. With RudderStack taking care of tracking and collecting your data, you can give your undivided attention to getting the relevant business insights out of it.

By integrating RudderStack with FullStory, you can:

  • Record user sessions automatically without having to write a single piece of code 
  • Pass additional user traits such as name, email, and country which show up automatically the next time you access a list in FullStory
  • Track custom events as they occur in your website or web application, to give you the most real-time data about your users’ activities
  • Eliminate the need to transform your data manually before sending it to FullStory – RudderStack automatically does that for you


FullStory is a popular marketing platform used by many businesses to understand, measure, and optimize the customer experience. FullStory makes extensive use of the incoming event data to analyze users’ behavior on the app and track their overall journey. With these insights, FullStory helps you identify potential opportunities to increase engagement, and thereby user retention. If you are looking for an all-inclusive marketing solution to support your business’ growing digital presence, then FullStory is the perfect tool for you.

With FullStory, you can:

  • Track your conversion funnel, and identify problematic areas in your website
  • Better understand your users, and determine what works and what doesn’t, for them
  • Measure the impact of new experiments or features that you wish to roll out to increase the overall user engagement
  • Leverage cutting-edge analytics and insightful reporting to optimize your product marketing strategy
  • Ensure your users’ privacy while giving them the best digital experience
Use our step-by-step guide to set up Fullstory as a destination in RudderStack.

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