Web analytics

Perform Efficient Web Analytics with Google Analytics and RudderStack


With RudderStack, you can easily send your data to Google Analytics for analyzing your website as well as your users’ behavior without having to write or install any tracking code. Using RudderStack’s tracking feature, you can track user activities, as well as advanced Google Analytics features such as custom dimensions and custom metrics.

By setting Google Analytics as a destination in RudderStack, you can:

  • Track and obtain real-time information about your customers’ activities
  • Get information about the pages being visited such as session durations, page category, and more
  • Track custom properties associated with your events using RudderStack, and send them over to Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an industry leader in web analytics. It gives you the required tools to better analyze your website as well as your customers’ activities. Through intuitive dashboards and reports, Google Analytics gives you relevant insights that can help you improve your product as well as customer experience.

Google Analytics lets you:

  • Track website activity such as session duration, the bounce rate of visitors, and more
  • Get information on the source of the traffic to your website
  • Identify poorly performing web pages through effective funnel visualization
  • Integrate with Google Ads, where you can track and analyze online campaigns
You can set up Google Analytics as a destination to RudderStack using our documentation.

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