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Intercom Integration

Intercom is an in-app messaging platform used by many businesses for customer support, onboarding, and engagement. It supports email and live chat, as well as offers a responsive helpdesk and knowledge-base for quick query resolution of the customers. If building long-lasting customer relationships while driving business growth is your goal, then Intercom is a must-have app in your marketing stack.

What You Can Do with Intercom

  • Use intelligent chatbots to identify your best leads and convert them into your customers
  • Send tailored onboarding messages, in-app campaigns, and engage with your leads effectively
  • Understand your customers better, based on their in-app behavior
  • Improve your CSAT score by reducing the contact to resolution times
  • Keep a record of the past support interactions with your users
  • Maintain a consolidated knowledge base to help improve the productivity of your team

Setting up Intercom manually requires you to insert their JavaScript snippet in all pages, or install and configure their iOS and Android SDKs for your mobile apps. In addition, you need to implement event tracking in order to send your customer data and event data to Intercom directly. Exporting your Intercom data into a data warehouse involves setting up a dedicated ETL system as well – requiring you to pull the data from the Intercom APIs, transform it and then load it to the warehouse of your choice.

With RudderStack, you need not worry about all these challenges. A simple integration with Intercom takes care of all of the above tasks.

Send Your Customer Event Data to Intercom Through RudderStack

You can use RudderStack to collect your customer event data from a variety of sources and send it to Intercom. By enabling Intercom as a destination, you can configure the RudderStack native SDKs to add Intercom to your Android or iOS project. RudderStack also ensures that the format of the event properties is compliant with Intercom’s API specifications.

By Adding Intercom Support for RudderStack, You Can:

  • Create new users or update their details, which will reflect in Intercom
  • Transform your tracked events and their properties, as per Intercom’s specifications
  • Remove unwanted users from a company list, so that they don’t get any company-specific notifications
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe users from a mailing list
  • Send user-specific information such as URLs of pages visited, email address and more, to Intercom for analysis

Intercom allows you to interact with your customers through chat, make product-related announcements and revive inactive customers through emails


So How Do You Integrate Intercom with RudderStack?

It’s very easy! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Intercom as a destination in RudderStack, and get started in no time at all.


What is Intercom?

Intercom allows you to personalize your communications with the customers or visitors using your product or website. It offers features such as targeted content, behavior-driven emails and push notifications, and a lot more.

Who uses Intercom?
Intercom is a very popular communications platform used by teams across various domains such as sales, product marketing, customer success, customer support, and more.
What can I do with Intercom?
You can use Intercom to engage your customers in meaningful conversations, and help gain their interest in your product or service. Through intercom, you can see who your customers are, what they do, and use this information to convert potential leads into your customers. Intercom also allows you to engage with your existing customers, and help you solve any problems that they may have in using your product.

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