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What you can do with PostgreSQL Source

Define data types, build custom functions, and write code in other programming languages (e.g., Python).

Query and manipulate structured and unstructured data without any hassle.

Build modern, data-driven applications with support for microservices and other DevOps-friendly tools.

Reduce operational costs of your business by using PostgreSQL as a storage backend.

Run dynamic websites and web apps as an option to the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack.

How to set up PostgreSQL Source Integration

It’s effortless! Use our step-by-step guide for setting up PostgreSQL as Source in RudderStack.


Send Customer Event Data from PostgreSQL Through RudderStack Securely

You can easily integrate PostgreSQL as a source on the RudderStack dashboard in no time. After PostgreSQL is successfully configured as a source, RudderStack will automatically ingest your specified events data from PostgreSQL. You can then send this enriched data to your favorite third-party destinations supported by RudderStack.

By Adding PostgreSQL as Source in the RudderStack Dashboard, you can:

  • Securely ingest and route events from PostgreSQL to your destinations in real-time.
  • Synchronize with your PostgreSQL source based on the schedule and run frequency.

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