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What you can do with PostHog

Ingest or send customer data for analytics seamlessly using PostHog plugins

Record events like page views, button clicks, etc. using the Event AutoCapture feature

Watch how customers are using your app via session recordings - understand where users get stuck or what bugs they encounter

Visualize and identify specific areas of your app to understand where users drop-off, and implement changes to make it more user-friendly

Analyze what percentage of your users are being retained and what improves their retention

Release new features to your users slowly, see how they perform, and retain or roll them back as required.

Integrating PostHog is easy; however, setting up event data sources manually can be time-consuming. Also, delivering events to PostHog in real-time can also be an added challenge.

 By integrating RudderStack with PostHog, you can effortlessly send real-time customer event data into PostHog from your preferred sources, without worrying about data reliability.

How to set up PostHog Integration

It’s very easy! Use our step-by-step guide to set up PostHog as a destination in RudderStack, and get started in no time at all.


Use RudderStack to Easily Route User Events to PostHog

The RudderStack-PostHog integration allows you to track and route your customer events to PostHog in no time. To configure PostHog as a destination on the RudderStack dashboard, all you need is your PostHog Team API Key and the details of your PostHog instance; and the events will automatically start flowing to PostHog for further analytics.

By Adding PostHog Support for RudderStack, you can:

  • Capture information for every page viewed (along with the category and name of the page) and the associated user ID.
  • Record user events along with the properties associated with that event
  • Route the real-time customer event data to PostHog and perform analytics to create effective marketing funnels, boost conversions, and increase user retention.

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