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What you can do with PostHog Source

Send your customer data to PostHog using PostHog plugins

Start capturing events from page views to button clicks right after you set up the Event AutoCapture feature

Monitor user engagement on your app to understand engaging areas and the pages that need improvement

Visualize user behavior and conversions using PostHog Funnels

Roll out new features to your users slowly and retain or roll them back based on performance or user feedback

How to set up the PostHog Source Integration

It's simple to set up! Use our step-by-step guide for setting up PostHog as a source in RudderStack.


Send Rich Product Analytics Data from PostHog to RudderStack Securely

Easily set up PostHog as a source in RudderStack within a few minutes. Once successfully configured, RudderStack automatically ingests the PostHog data you specified. You Can then route this data to your data warehouse or any other third-party destination supported by RudderStack.

By Adding PostHog as a Source in the RudderStack Dashboard, you can:

  • Collect your raw events and data from PostHog and ingest them into RudderStack
  • Schedule data imports from your PostHog account to RudderStack
  • Send data to third-party destinations or data warehouses securely

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