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Slack Integration

Slack is a popular and widely-used business communications platform. Thousands of businesses worldwide use Slack. It allows you to improve your overall business productivity by bringing together all the tools and communications in one place. You can prioritize conversations, have topic-oriented discussions in separate channels, and do much more. Slack offers seamless integration with the Google Suite so you can share documents and folders with your colleagues without any hassle.

With Slack, you can get a shared view of your team’s work and progress. With the shared channels feature, you can also collaborate and work with external teams and clients without having to resort to third-party email or chat tools.

What You Can Do with Slack

  • Complete flexibility and the power to manage your business communications
  • An intuitive and engaging interface where multiple teams can collaborate
  • Easy-to-follow conversations with the ability to archive the most important ones
  • Increase overall business efficiency and productivity by integrating with various third-party tools and plugins

To set up Slack manually, you need to configure your web apps in order to send notifications to Slack as and when any event occurs. However, you will also need to install custom webhooks into your apps for every event that you want to record.
This manual configuration can take up quite some time, depending on the volume of the events that you want to capture.

RudderStack makes it quite easy for you to track every conversation event by integrating seamlessly with Slack.

Send Real-time Messaging Data to Slack Using RudderStack

RudderStack now supports sending messaging data to Slack in real-time. You can enable the Slack integration on the RudderStack dashboard. After this, you can use the RudderStack cloud mode SDKs to send message data from a variety of sources directly to Slack. RudderStack automatically tracks and collects the event messages and the associated traits. It then sends this information to the destination page following the specified settings.

By Adding Slack Support for RudderStack, You Can:

  • Track and collect the messages from a variety of sources, including mobile and web apps
  • Send the messaging data to Slack without worrying about its format
  • Add your Slack channel’s webhook URL for efficient transmission and processing of event messages

RudderStack allows you to send your event data seamlessly to Slack


So How Do You Integrate Slack with RudderStack?

It’s very easy! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Slack as a destination in RudderStack, and get started in no time at all.


What can you use Slack for?
You can use Slack as a replacement for emails, text messages, and instant messaging. Slack allows you to keep and track all your communications with your team as well as external teams and clients in one single place. Slack is available for both desktop and mobile versions, allowing you to collaborate with your teams at any point, anywhere. Slack also offers integrations with various third-party apps such as Google Suite, so you can seamlessly share documents with your teams and collaborate efficiently.
Does Slack have guest accounts?
Yes, Slack offers the guest accounts feature. This allows you to add a member of your team or organization who only needs a limited access to Slack and any of its channels.
Why Should I use Slack?
Slack replaces all your email chains, third-party chat tools and instant messaging platforms and brings all your communications in a single place. Instead of wasting time sifting through multiple email chains, you can have multiple discussions about different projects in different Slack channels. You can also collaborate with external teams and clients without having to switch to a different tool.
How long does Slack keep messages?
The Slack workspace owner or administrator who manages the company Slack account can determine how long the messages should be saved. This includes both the public channels as well as direct messages. This period setting can be configured in your direct messages as well.

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