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Send Your Customer Information to Zendesk in Real-Time Using RudderStack

RudderStack allows you to send important customer information in real-time to Zendesk. You can add Zendesk as a destination on the RudderStack dashboard. After this, you can utilize the RudderStack cloud mode to track, collect, and send event data to Zendesk. RudderStack also allows you to verify the authenticity of a customer’s information before creating a user in Zendesk. You can also create organizations and add or remove users from it.

  • Map your customer information to the standard Zendesk user attributes
  • Add or remove users from their organization with ease
  • Create or update new organizations in Zendesk
  • Verify your users before sending their information to Zendesk


Zendesk offers tools and services that ensure cutting-edge sales and support across various business domains. It allows businesses to tend to their customers in the best way possible. Also. It lets businesses satisfactorily resolve customer queries and concerns. Zendesk offers features such as live chat, call center software capabilities, and a smart knowledge base so that the executives have a handy solution to any customer query at hand.

Zendesk offers the following features:

  • Integrated services to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets
  • Web, mobile, and email messaging services to reach out to your customers in the best possible way
  • A smart knowledge base for an efficient self-service and easy resolution of common problems
  • Ability to connect to your customers over the phone via a seamless call center solution

Zendesk allows you to monitor all your customer support activities as well as incidents through an intuitive, visually-appealing dashboard

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