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What you can do with AMP Analytics SDK Source

Track, capture, and send your customer event data from your website to a wide range of popular marketing, sales, and product tools. Also, send your events to a variety of cloud data warehouses.

Automatically capture certain event-specific and user-specific information that highlights a customer’s unique behavioral traits.

Record user events on your website or create triggers to initiate records.

Capture additional information related to a page or a user event.

How to set up AMP Analytics SDK Source Integration

It's quite simple! Refer to our step-by-step guide and start using the AMP Analytics SDK in no time!


Get more out of RudderStack's AMP Analytics SDK

The RudderStack AMP Analytics SDK also allows a merged session for users who navigate from the cached AMP pages(on an AMP cache) to AMP pages on your domain using the AMP Linker. The AMP Analytics SDK automatically records the number of views you had for a particular page on your website. The name for the automatic page view has to be set manually; else, RudderStack will automatically set the page name to Unknown.


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