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What you can do with RudderStack's Flutter SDK

Capture event-specific and user-specific information that highlights customer's unique behavioral traits

Record user's activity whenever the user sees a screen on the mobile app (homepage, login screen, etc.)

Capture DeviceID to track users across the application installation

Capture DeviceID to identify and track users across the application installation

How to set up the Flutter SDK

It’s easy! Refer to our step-by-step guide and start using the Flutter SDK in no time.


Get more out of RudderStack's Flutter SDK

The RudderStack Flutter SDK allows you to enable or disable sending events to a specific destination or all destinations to which the source is connected. It also allows you to configure your RudderStack client based on different parameters. These parameters include the number of events in a batch request to the server, the minimum wait time to flush events to the server, whether the SDK will automatically capture application life cycle events, and so on.


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